Understanding BioResonance

Each of your cells, organ, tissues and all living and innate things around you, emit their own special frequency. These frequencies are expressed as electromagnetic oscillations (as scientifically proved my Max Planck), which collectively make up your own personal electromagnetic field.

How it works

The frequencies of your cells constantly interact together like members of a team, working to ensure your best health. However, stress, environmental toxins, pesticides, geopathic burden, heavy metals, illness and the presence of pathogens – parasites, fungi, moulds, viruses, bacteria, worms etc can interfere with these frequencies, weakening them and creating a disruption of ‘team interaction’. This slows down the speed of communication between your cells paving the way towards  ‘internal chaos’ in which the ‘team players are no longer working together’. Therefore interrupting the healthy functioning of your body, and can weaken your system energetically, emotionally and physically, leading to an array of possible health conditions.

Deta Elis

The good news is that as a result of decades of scientific research by esteemed scientists, such as Franz Morell, Erich Rasche, Royal Raymond Rife and Reinhard Voll, Deta Elis Holding has developed and perfected state-of -the-art portable, electromagnetic bioresonance devices that efficiently and harmlessly rebuild vibrant health.

Further discoveries we made by Rife and his colleagues that every health condition, pain, toxin or pathogen has its very own frequency, and that when these are present, they disturb the healthy oscillations of your cells. However, they also discovered that if the electromagnetic low-level frequencies of these pathogens are mirrored back into them, the result is their destruction and elimination! What’s more, by using bioresonance devices to send the healthy frequencies of one’s organs  back into the body, then rejuvenation, regeneration and recalibration for optimal health and energy can be bought about.

capacity for self-healing

The human body has an enormous capacity for self-healing and with support from Deta Elis Holding’s bioresonance devices, a three-stage approach offers a potent means to effectively destroy and harmlessly eliminate pathogenic microorganisms, restore and recalibrate cells / organs whilst re-energising and harmonising the whole being.

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