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Alex, a football coach with Just4Keepers, had been experiencing a back problem for two weeks and after just 2 treatments with the PEMF emField Pro he said “…it is like I hadn’t had a bad back…”

Alex Pilbeam – PEMF emField Pro testimonial

Deborah has been trying out a new High Intensity Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy Unit from NewMed this week… listen to this great testimonial.

We have already had such a great response from those that have been able to use it…. watch this space 😉

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PEMF Zimmer emField Pro – Testimonial

Another testimonial from one of our amazing clients…
David has experienced a 60-70% reduction in pain after just one treatment with Deborah.

David Brown – Soft Tissue Therapy Testimonial

We love to get feedback from our amazing clients about their experiences with us at Restoring Health Ltd. Watch Mike Williams talk about his journey with us over the past 9 months. Mike went from taking 9 tablets a day plus canabis oil to deal with the resulting pain in his knees caused by Osteoarthritis and a subsequent operation. After seeing Deborah Mc Nair (since September 2018) for a combination of Soft Tissue Therapy Treatments and Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) on our BioMag he does not have to take any more pain medication or canabis oil.

Mike Williams – Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy Testimonial

Paul’s main aim in seeing us for Soft Tissue Therapy was to reduce his pain medication. He now only takes a couple very occasionally from a box of co-codamol every month.

Paul – Soft Tissue Therapy

“The HHH experience is fun, challenging, rewarding, with difficult tasks followed by relaxing experiences. Awesome food showing you there is an alternative diet to pursue. Great staff with immense experience and support. Treat and challenge yourself – you’ll grow in knowledge and kick start a healthier appreciation of life through food, teaching from professionals and exercise.”

Marc – Kefalonia 2019 Retreat

“Wow absolutely loved my week away – it really challenged me in so many ways. I came back fitter, healthier and it made me think about my life, the approach and changes I want to make going forward but in a sustainable way.”

Jules – Kefalonia 2019 Retreat

“The HHH & Restoring Health teams were wonderful – the personal plan was really thoughtfully tailored to my needs, the training, massage and yoga were all excellent and the quality of the food was outstanding. They were also all a joy to meet and great company.”

Gill – Kefalonia 2019 Retreat

“My yearly reset moment! Body and mind fully in balance again.”

Michael – Kefalonia 2019 Retreat

Another PEMF Success Story

Saturday June 2 2018

I had recently developed ‘trigger finger’ which was not at first painful but which began to make my hand ache. The pain increased as it spread into the palm of my left hand. My palm was becoming slightly swollen and I was experiencing discomfort whilst driving. The treatment  was explained to me and within 10 minutes  of starting treatment I could feel a sensation along my left ring finger and my palm was less painful.

I have had intermittent bouts of pain in my right thumb for quite a long time but the pain was intensifying and I was finding holding items problematic. I had laser treatment for this condition and the pain eased rapidly and my thumb became more flexible.


Sunday June 3 2018

The palm of my hand had lost its swelling and was no longer painful. My finger was still tingling but not at all painful. It was still slightly difficult to bend my finger.

My thumb remained flexible and pain free.


Monday June 4 2018

All pain and swelling had disappeared and I could form a fist with my fingers without the left ring finger locking in a bent position.

My thumb remained pain free. I took the opportunity to undertake tasks which involved gripping with my right hand.


Wednesday June 6 2018

I was able to do housework, gardening and drive easily. I did experience a slight ache in my left palm by the evening but this quickly eased with resting my hand.

My right thumb has begun to ache a little at its base but the intense pain has not returned. I have a second treatment booked as my right thumb had been causing a higher level of pain and as I am right handed it is difficult not to use it. I anticipate a fast response to the next laser treatment.

Having been a regular client of soft tissue therapy and recently of osteopathy I had no hesitation in booking for laser treatment on my hands. The immediate relief from aches and sharp pain was amazing. I had hoped for some relief and an increase in flexibility but the results from laser treatment was startling and there was no discomfort at all whilst I received the treatment!

Marilyn – Cold Laser Therapy

“I can really recommend the holistic approach of the team at Restoring Health.
I recently experienced a week of combined soft tissue therapy and psychotherapy (from Feel Well Live Well Therapies) to address a back problem that I have had for a number of years.
I  have received advice and guidance for the future whilst feeling that I was in a very safe place and I hope to visit again to review my progress.
It was a most enjoyable way to tackle both the physical and associated mental difficulties of a long standing complaint. Highly recommended!”

Anonymous Restoring Health Client
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