“At the start of my journey with Deborah and Francoise, I struggled daily with incontinence and my life had ended up revolving around planning toilet stops, sanitary products and huge anxiety about sleeping, travelling, movement, exercise and every sneeze, cough and laugh .

It took a huge toll physically and emotionally and for so many years I had no explanation or treatment options. Being so young suffering with this and having no hope looking ahead was horribly painful.
But from day 1 of my plan, my life started to change. After 3 weeks, it was completely transformed. The combination of the PEMF emField pro and Hypopressives completely rid me of my incontinence.

I have so many more gains from the programme. I feel stronger, have better awareness of my body and I have control over muscles I didn’t know existed!

The hypopressives helped with digestion, posture, exercise form (weightlifters take note!) breathing technique, my singing even improved! My mindfulness practice has improved so now I can ground myself in just 5 breaths. Being able to reset your body in such a straightforward and active way is a blessing and so empowering and there is enough challenge in the flow that you get a real sense of accomplishment.”