DePuls+ BioResonance Scan - Testimonial

I recently became aware of increasing breathlessness, lack of energy and general tiredness.

Following a discussion with Deborah at Restoring Health, I decided to undergo a session of examination with the new DePulse+Scan.
After a number of attempts to collect valid readings was found impossible to collate due to a wide ranging fluctuation in my pulse rate Deborah advised me that I should consult my General Practitioner just to allay any concerns over my heart condition.

I arranged a consultation with my GP and following a 12 lead ECG it was established that my heart was in constant Atrial Fibrillation! This can severely impact oxygen uptake throughout the body due to low blood circulation the side effects of which are shortness of breath and loss of energy etc! Following further examination with a cardiologist at Maidstone hospital I now have an appointment for a Cardio Version electric shock operation to re-set my heart rhythm.

Without the test at Restoring Health I would never have been made aware of the cardiac problem, possibly leading to permanent heart muscle damage.

Stew (A lucky client)