Exercise Studio
Exercise Prescription

When combined with exercises and education, the benefits of massage, especially related to pain reduction, can be sustained over a longer period of time.
We therefore use different massage techniques plus stretching and strengthening exercises to help with Soft Tissue Recovery.

Individual and group exercise

People’s life styles vary considerably and consequently prescribed set exercise times do not always suit everybody.
We have therefore adapted our Exclusive Exercise Studio to enable you to choose the times* and days you wish to exercise.
So whether you want to train by yourself, with an Accountability Buddy, or with a group we have an option that suits you.
So whether it is:

–  Rehabilitation from an Injury
–  Pre or Post Operative Care
–  Relief from Back Pain
–  Joint Strengthening
–  Improved Balance and Proprioception
–  Core Strengthening
–  Sports Specific Exercise
–  or General Health and Well-Being ;


We offer the following:

–  Pay as you Go
–  No Contract
–  Full Initial Assessment
–  Individually Tailored Exercise Programme (Prescribed by our Resident Biokineticist)
– Train whenever and as often as you wish at a time to suit you (*Subject to Availability)
–  All Equipment Provided (Please bring your own Towel and Non-Slip Socks)
–  Supervised Sessions Available
–  Exclusive to a maximum of 6 People at any one time.

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You will be encouraged to book in for an initial assessment with one of our Restoring Health Therapists.
This is to provide you with a visual and accurate representation of your current posture and body composition.

We make use of the following analysis tools during the initial assessment to ensure that we get the most accurate information possible:

PostureScreenMobilelogo  – for an accurate Postural Assessment and Movement Analysis.

LeanScreen-Logo – for a Photo Finish Fat Analysis.

Omron Logo Bk hi res_full– detailed Body Composition Analysis.

Your assessment package will therefore include a detailed Medical History, a PDF report of Photographic Posture Analysis and Movement Analysis, % Body Fat, % Muscle Mass, Visceral Fat, Waist to Hip Ratio (WHR), Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Body Mass Index (BMI), Lean Body Mass (LBM), Fat Body Mass (FBM), Pain Scale/Stress Survey, Height, Weight & Girth Measurements.

All our Exercise Packages consist of 12 consecutive sessions after which all your Initial Assessment Markers will be re-evaluated and you will receive a comparative report in order to track your progress.

The appropriate clothing for the digital assessment needs to be tight fitting, as this will allow for a more accurate assessment.

If you would like an Individual Exercise Prescription, please request one from your therapist during your Initial Assessment.

A personalised Exercise Prescription that addresses your specific needs is either emailed, printed or available for you online, and your therapist will go through each exercise with you to ensure its correct execution.
We make use of the WebExercises software that allows access to more than 2000 exercises and includes photos and video clips thus improving accuracy of exercise execution and compliance. WebExercises is also linked with PostureScreen Mobile™ for convenience.

Your exercise programme will be progressed and monitored by your therapist during subsequent sessions, in order to assist you to adapt it successfully into your lifestyle.  Your individual programme can be adapted to complement any exercise regime you are currently doing.

This bespoke programme can be compiled with either Home Exercise in mind or for use within our Exercise Studio.