DeVita Professional


The flagship of our Bioresonance technology, which is intended for doctors, health professionals and certified therapists.

It is an orchestral machine, through which the specially trained health professional can not only make a complete diagnosis of his client’s health condition, but also provide five forms of treatment

  • endogenous bioresonance therapy
  • electromagnetic therapy
  • electroacupuncture, Quantum therapy and
  • combination therapy!

Over 15,000 frequencies available for diagnosis and treatment, over 95% reliability in diagnostic access.

These Scans are available from April 2024 at Restoring Health

Upcoming dates and scan venues:

Discover the root cause of a health issue!

Next Invaluable Opportunity for Medically Diagnostic Bioresonance Scans with visiting expert Dr Giannis in Forest Row.

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Dr Giannis Anagnopoulos MD, PhD, General practitioner, Doctor of Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Bioresonance specialist from Athens,

is one of the most experienced professional Bioresonance practitioners in the world. He has been trained on a deeper level on a wide range of frequencies by Top Russian Scientists. He travels the world training people in electromagnetic therapies and giving scans and lectures! As a member of the scientist’s team Russian Technology (Deta Elis) he was nominated doctor of the year 2018.Dr. Giannis Anagnostopoulos is sought after internationally because of his incredible skill in finding the cause, where there are toxins and infectious pathogens causing chronic conditions.’

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a triage call for our experts to ascertain the correct course of treatment that would be best suited to your needs

a thorough in-clinic assessment for NEW CLIENTS to develop your Personalised WellBeing Journey Plan, or returning clients booking a different treatment for the first time

RETURNING CLIENTS already on their wellbeing journey to restorative health