Massage in the Workplace

Massage is not limited to attendance at a clinic.
Employers find on-site chair based remedial massage to be of tremendous benefit to the well-being of their staff.
This has become very popular in London and Restoring Health has brought these benefits to businesses within Maidstone and surrounding areas.

Offering our Business Partnership on-site massage for your employees is one of the most popular health and well-being initiative your business can take!

Potential benefits to your business:

  • Saving your company money by:

  • increasing productivity and motivation through energised and happy staff
  • reducing sick leave and absenteeism
  • attracting and retaining key talent whilst boosting morale
  • reducing the costs associated with stress related illness and repetitive strain claims

  • Improving the mental and physical health of your employees

  • Tax deductible

  • Becoming an employer of choice

  • Showing your employees that you care

Potential Benefits to the Employee:

  • Reduction of stress, fatigue and anxiety

  • Relief of the common muscle tension in neck, shoulders, arms and wrists from repetitive use of the computer keyboard and mouse

  • Improvement in mental focus and concentration

  • Relief of headaches and migraines

  • Relief of back pain and improvement in posture

  • Calming of the nervous system

  • Relief of the symptoms of RSI

  • Stimulating and increasing blood circulation

  • Boosting morale

  • Encouraging staff to take a proactive role in their health and well being by making them more aware of their physical state. This promotes a more health conscious workforce.

Finance Options:

There are various ways in which to structure the service we provide.
A general guideline is £50 per therapist hour. This could include the maximum of 3 employees per therapist per hour. Therefore we could see a maximum of 9 employees in one hour with 3 therapists.
Please contact us to discuss specific requirements.

Are you a business owner who would like to invest in the well-‐being of your staff
Are you interested in receiving massage at work?

Please contact Beth on 075 8855 7635