Hydrotherm is a 3 Dimensional Massage Treatment that is performed on warm water cushions that are placed on a massage couch. The treatment can be oiled or non oiled. The client lies face up and does not have to turn over, which is ideal for people who do not like to lay face down or who are unable to. The therapist works between the cushions and the client’s body using upward pressure. The warm water relaxes the muscles and the water supports the body, this gives a sensation of floating.

The Hydrotherm system is suitable for all ages and it is very effective during all stages of pregnancy*.

This kind of treatment can also be useful in the context of medial conditions such as Cancer, Parkinson’s, Multiple sclerosis (MS), Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), Arthritis and muscles strains*, as well as helping with postural correction.
*Following a thorough Initial Assessment some conditions may require medical approval.

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I have been having Hydrotherm treatments with Beth throughout my pregnancy and it has been the best massage I have had using the Hydrotherm system. It is so comfortable and relaxing unlike normal pregnancy massage having to lay on your side. It is soothing and warm and mounds to the shape of your back. I would highly recommend it to everyone, not just pregnant ladies!


Fiona Goodfellow – Pregnancy Massage

“How did I find the Hydrotherm System? It was amazing, very good! I had my first Hydrotherm treatment last week and it was very deep, much deeper than I expected. I’ve just come from my second one and am so chilled out and relaxed – it’s lovely to be massaged lying on that warm cushion. It was a unique experience and I would most definitely recommend it to my friends!


Wendy Davis, MD of The Oast Salon

Beth Caddick

Senior Soft Tissue Therapist

tel: 07588 557 635