Holistic Therapies
by Ben Barnett

Ben Barnett

Holistic Therapies by Ben Barnett

Hydrotherm Specialist


Developed over 23 years, drawing on his experience of holistic practice, teaching advanced massage, leading transformational seminars and representing GB as an amateur Footballer, Ben Barnett has brought his philosophy, Environment Centred Living and signature treatment Hydrotherm 3D massage to Grace Belgravia.

His treatments have been positively reviewed in magazines such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, and Tatler and clients from international Sports men and women, CEOs and Entertainers have used his work to keep their mind and body at peak performance.

Combining, 3D massage on the Hydrotherm warm waterbed and bespoke guided visualisation, Ben helps your body unwind, your mind detach and naturally focus and your emotions settle, all to have you feel great and get the best out of you in any circumstance.