PEMF Curatron 3D Ultra

The Curatron Ultra 3D is a high intensity full body Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) system and it includes one of the highest intensity full body mat on the market.

High intensity PEMFs are normally delivered with localised applications such as pillow pads or smaller applicators however the Curatron 3D delivers 500 Gauss (50,000 microTesla) across the mat allows the user to “bathe” in high intensity PEMFs and treat the whole body at once.

Our Unit includes 72 pre-programmed settings and is run though PC Software, which allows us to further customise the treatments.

What’s behind the electromagnetic fields?

A body which is full of energy is healthy and fit. The Curatron 3D is based on more than 30 years of world-wide research carried out by renowned scientists. Many years of practical experience by thousands of physicians and natural health doctors throughout Europe and on other continents, as well as the scientific findings of renowned institutes and associations.

It applies the most recent research findings in the field of pulsating electromagnetic fields. It is accepted as one of the best methods available, without side-effects, to energetically strengthen the body in a natural way. The specific Curatron computer controlled parameters leads to optimal energy regulating and health enhancing effects.

These positive factors cause a normalisation of membrane potential and improved metabolism, thus supplying to the cells an optimum amount of energy which increases the general fitness and capacity and strengthen the body’s powers for self healing.

Via various control mechanisms the protein synthesis is increased (improved regeneration) the ways the body disposes of waste materials is stimulated and the natural immune system is activated. In the course of continuous use of this system over several weeks and months, the energy level improves, health is stabilised and fitness increases. It is an ideal way to maintain your own good health!

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