Biomag® Lumina 3D-e is an active therapeutic home PEMF device – a medical device for individual use or in combination with other medical treatment and devices as a supplemental therapy within a comprehensive treatment plan.

The goal of Biomag® low frequency pulsed magnetic field therapy is to utilise its biological effects on tissue in a way that helps mitigate some symptoms. These symptoms are primarily pain, swelling, spasms, and changes in microcirculation. It also promotes healing and mitigates symptoms affected by these effects.

Physiological changes in tissue after application of Biomag® magnetic therapy occur due to pain mitigation and vasodilation of capillaries and precapillaries, which leads to the following treatment effects:

• pain relieving – analgesic, reduces pain
• healing – promoting regeneration, anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic effects
• anti-swelling – reduces swelling (oedema)
• myorelaxing – relaxes muscles
• vasodilating – improves microcirculation in particular
• metabolic-detoxifying – accelerates the elimination of toxins and metabolites

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