Mark Beresford


tel: 07784 333767


  • Osteopathy MOst

  • Food Science MSc

  • Biological Sciences (Physiology) BSc (Hons)

  • Sports massage Level 3 ITEC Diploma

Professional Development:

  • Certified Post Graduate Courses in Cranial Osteopathy (SCCO)

  • Visceral Osteopathy (ESO)

Professional Body:

What is Osteopathy?
Osteopathy is an alternative medical approach to healthcare based on a well-established system of clinical diagnosis and the principle that the body possesses its own systems of self- regulation and self-healing.
As an osteopath, I focus on the body’s ability to reach a healthy state of balance through examining the relationship between the structure of the body and its corresponding function. To balance the many forces acting on the body externally as well as internally I use hands-on manual techniques that incorporate gentle rhythmic articulation, manipulation and soft tissue massage to improve joint mobility and ease muscle tension.
This aids blood and nerve supply to the body’s tissues and therefore promotes its own healing mechanisms. Osteopaths will offer advice on posture and exercise to further promote good health and help prevent symptoms from recurring.
To encourage the body’s own healing mechanisms they may also provide advice on lifestyle issues, diet and exercise.
Osteopathy treats the person, not just the disorder and the objective is the promotion of long-term health. Treatment is tailored to meet the individual needs of each patient – at all
stages of life from birth to old age.
What happens during a consultation?
I will begin by asking about your health and medical history.  This is followed by a physical examination, which pays particular attention to your posture, gait, mobility and musculoskeletal anatomy.
During both the examination and treatment you will be asked to undress to underwear clothing to assist in the observation, diagnosis and treatment of your condition. If you are not happy with undressing, do feel free to let me know what you are comfortable with. Some patients choose to bring in shorts and a vest to change into and a robe is always available. We want our patients to be relaxed but have to rely on yourselves to let us know what would work for you and we will do our best to work with that. If you would like to have someone with you as a chaperone then please feel free to bring someone suitable in with you.