at The Art of Light, the importance of great lighting on our senses will enhance inner calm and relaxation.

Lighting is often overlooked and not recognised, as having a profound effect on us. Our planet has five key elements, these are Earth, Fire, Water, Wind and Light. We all have an inner connection with these elements, and in The Art of Light’s opinion, light is especially key to our overall wellbeing and was a critical focus of the restoration process within our adjoining business Restoring Health Limited.

All of our lights are created from hand selected glass options which have taken considerable time to source. These are often one-off pieces with only a few exceptions being similar but which are never totally uniform, and therefore, making each piece virtually unique to you and your home. We will also on occasion offer more limited edition pieces.

We use CE certificated switched mains driven LED lights for regulatory safety purposes, and which are generally 3W in power consumption for a typical 120 LED ring with no heat generated. The overall quantity of LED diodes used may either increase or decrease power consumption. If you are looking for multi-coloured LED’s or a battery option, then these are a possible accommodation.

If you are looking for something more specific, then please contact us and we will endeavour to support your personal quest.

All of our bespoke ceiling lights will require a home visit to check fitment options. There is an array of different coloured pendants/cables & dimmable LED bulb options. Wood options are also available so please email or phone us to arrange a free home visit. Each handmade light uses the best sourced components without compromise on quality.

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