Laser Therapy

Tina is an experienced science educationalist with a passion to help people improve the quality of their lives through their health. She provides a bespoke treatment using Cold Laser Light Therapy to help relieve painful medical conditions such as Achilles Tendinitis, Carpel Tunnel, Eczema, Epicondilitis, Muscle strains, Nerve Pain, Sacroiliac Dysfunction and Shoulder Tendinitis. There are many other conditions that Tina can treat with Laser Therapy to significantly reduce pain and improve healing time, helping clients to restore their mobility and inner wellbeing.

The science behind Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy or Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is also now known as PhotoBioModulation (PBM). This involves modulating the activity of the body’s cells through targeting them with controlled wavelengths of light.

Are there risks?

The cells are not heated up or damaged in any way and there are no side effects from treatment. The only risk to the body is if the laser beam is shone directly into the eyes, and this risk is eliminated by the wearing of specifically designed safety glasses (conforming to safety standards EN 207) which filter the laser energy.

What are the benefits?
Chemical processes in our cells work using tiny amounts of energy travelling through our membranes. Low levels of Infrared and red light stimulate these processes and have a therapeutic effect on our bodies in three ways:

  1. Faster healing
  2. Pain relief
  3. Immune system support


Short and long-term effects of treatment

The immediate effect of laser treatment with the probes is pain-relieving. Some patients feel a reduction in pain within minutes and others, within hours. Recent, acute injuries experience quicker pain relief compared to chronic, long-term conditions.

Longer-term effects are the stimulation of tissue healing, meaning that injuries are likely to resolve and heal within weeks rather than months.

Please note that every patient is an individual and will respond slightly differently to treatment, depending on their general state of health, age and medical history. 

The client’s medical history and condition requiring treatment will be discussed with the Laser Therapist.

If the client is suitable for treatment and there are no contraindications then a Treatment Record Card is prepared detailing a personalised treatment record.

The number of sessions and frequency are dependent on the nature of the condition. Typically, two or three sessions are recommended over two or three days for the first week for acute pain, then one or two sessions a week for up to six weeks.

A 30 minute treatment session costs £30.

Please note that this treatment regime is a guideline. Clients may require fewer or more than six sessions depending on the nature of their injury. 


Saturday June 2 2018

I had recently developed ‘trigger finger’ which was not at first painful but which began to make my hand ache. The pain increased as it spread into the palm of my left hand. My palm was becoming slightly swollen and I was experiencing discomfort whilst driving. The treatment  was explained to me and within 10 minutes  of starting treatment I could feel a sensation along my left ring finger and my palm was less painful.

I have had intermittent bouts of pain in my right thumb for quite a long time but the pain was intensifying and I was finding holding items problematic. I had laser treatment for this condition and the pain eased rapidly and my thumb became more flexible.


Sunday June 3 2018

The palm of my hand had lost its swelling and was no longer painful. My finger was still tingling but not at all painful. It was still slightly difficult to bend my finger.

My thumb remained flexible and pain free.


Monday June 4 2018

All pain and swelling had disappeared and I could form a fist with my fingers without the left ring finger locking in a bent position.

My thumb remained pain free. I took the opportunity to undertake tasks which involved gripping with my right hand.


Wednesday June 6 2018

I was able to do housework, gardening and drive easily. I did experience a slight ache in my left palm by the evening but this quickly eased with resting my hand.

My right thumb has begun to ache a little at its base but the intense pain has not returned. I have a second treatment booked as my right thumb had been causing a higher level of pain and as I am right handed it is difficult not to use it. I anticipate a fast response to the next laser treatment.

Having been a regular client of soft tissue therapy and recently of osteopathy I had no hesitation in booking for laser treatment on my hands. The immediate relief from aches and sharp pain was amazing. I had hoped for some relief and an increase in flexibility but the results from laser treatment was startling and there was no discomfort at all whilst I received the treatment!

Marilyn – Cold Laser Therapy