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DeVita BRT (BioResonance Therapy)


The only portable device in the world using endogenous bioresonance therapy,
with inversion. With the BRT, pathological oscillations can be eliminated:

  1. The BRT device reads the body’s own electromagnetic oscillations.
  2. It inverts and neutralises the pathogenic, disharmonious, harmful oscillations, and strengthens the physiological, harmonious oscillations.
  3. This strengthens the  physiological, harmonious oscillations to the body, creating  improved health and immunity.
  4. An easy, powerful tool to help reduce inflammation, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and remove toxins…suitable for the whole family.
  5. A treatment takes 20 minutes and can be used at home for personal use, or within a clinic setting.
  6. Use twice weekly for preventative measures or more frequently if helping improve a health issue.
  7. Can be used as a double treatment for an acute condition.

The BRT is not a replacement for medical treatment. It is your responsibility to consult with your doctor where necessary. Contra indications for use include people who have a pace maker and pregnant women.

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