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The “coronavirus disease 2019” (“COVID-19”) epidemic, like other similar epidemics before it, requires careful attention and consideration of various preventive measures including routinely recommended public health measures and other more aggressive measures. Similar measures can be reasonably applied for other types of respiratory viral infections commonly seen in the winter. Such measures should be strongly considered especially for those most vulnerable. These aggressive measures include starting or increasing the daily intake of vitamin D3 at the level of at least 10,000 IU per day and initiating or continuing higher intensity PEMF therapies daily to the whole body and/or to the lungs. This therapy can be administered at home.

Dr Pawluk on the Coronavirus

on his blog post titled:


This topic is covered in more depth in Dr Pawluk’s book Power Tools for Health: how pulsed magnetic fields (PEMFs) help you. Therefore the below is a summary of the value of PEMFs in dealing with infections and only deal with viral infections. Please note that there is no research evidence to support the use of PEMFs specifically to help with coronavirus infections at this time.

Still, that being said, since PEMFs provide some benefits in the management of other types of infections, it is worth considering the use of PEMFs to help with not only dealing with viruses specifically but also with keeping tissues healthier to decrease the likelihood of infection and help recovery from current infections. Through much of the book and on the website, he covers the many different aspects of PEMFs and how they help to support the body.

“Inadequate approaches to dealing with infections focus too often on simply dealing with the infectious agents themselves by employing mostly antibiotics, antifungals, antivirals, etc. Both consumers and members of the medical community may rely exclusively on such methods, but they do not constitute a complete solution. We should certainly get rid of the infectious agents themselves, but we should also improve overall health of the body to fight the infection and repair tissue damaged by the infection. The sooner and the more aggressively we act to support the body and regenerate and heal damaged tissue, the sooner the patient will recover to regain full health. This is especially important in dealing with infections in the lungs.

A PEMF applied to herpes virus-infected cells did not affect the growth and viability of the cells. However, the viruses developing under PEMF exposure had mainly defective viral particles. This weakness would therefore give the PEMF an opportunity to heal the tissue while potentially rendering the virus less active.

Viral infections stimulate the production of natural, nonspecific inhibitors including interferon. After infections, these can be detected in fluid, tissues and cells in vivo and in vitro.

Cellular resistance to virus injections in cultures of animal and human cells exposed to PEMFs and the production and characterisation of antivirus substances induced by these exposures has been studied. PEMF exposures were uniform 60 Hz of 1 gauss. Laboratory exposure of cells to the PEMF for at least twenty-four hours induced (1) a state of significant cellular resistance to virus challenge by adenovirus type 5, herpesvirus Type 1, coxsackievirus B3, and vesicular stomatitis virus and (2) the production of substances that markedly suppress virus infections when transferred to unexposed cells. The virus suppressor substances induced by the magnetic field are importantly neither virus- nor species-specific, are not apparently interferon-like, and help control virus replication.

This becomes important in dealing with coronavirus since what we are talking about is a general adaptation response of the body to any viral invasion. Since only one Gauss was used in this study, in a lab setting, the intensity of the magnetic field becomes an essential question with regard to controlling viral invasion. To this end, it’s important to know that decreasing inflammation in the tissues in general for health maintenance is important to reducing the risk of invasion by viruses. From this perspective, THIS BLOG is illuminating in terms of dealing with inflammation and the appropriate magnetic field intensity needed to help with infection, especially when it reaches the lungs.

In various studies, PEMFs have been found to significantly decrease cytokine levels by decreasing inflammation. Clearly, it would be better to prevent cytokine storm from happening than to have to deal with it after the fact. I strongly recommend using PEMF therapies for the whole body or perhaps simply to the lungs at the onset of any kind of upper respiratory infection. PEMF therapy can be applied to the upper chest to stimulate the thymus gland, which is the source of T lymphocyte cells. These cells are important for regulating responses to infections and inflammation.

For those who already own and are using PEMFs on a regular basis, whole body units with intensities greater than 70 Gauss or higher intensity systems with body pads are both appropriate for daily use for preventive purposes. Otherwise, I recommend higher intensity whole body PEMF systems for your protection, preventing infection, and treating it as necessary. Very low intensity whole body systems (which are not carried on or systems of less than 70 Gauss cannot be expected to provide enough protection or benefit.

PEMF therapies work best when bodies are properly supported with adequate lifestyle approaches such as proper rest, healthy nutrition, the use of supplements, stress reduction, healthy mental and spiritual attitudes, proper activity and/or exercise, etc. The possible use supplements is too complex a subject to deal with fully here, but we should note that at the very least they increase antioxidant support, boost the immune system, support sleep, and provide natural anti-infectives.”

FREE PEMF Immune Support Package

We are doing everything we can to support our clients through this difficult time. We would, therefore, like to offer you a FREE PEMF Immune Support Package on either the PEMF OMI Mat, Biomag or Variocouch at our Clinic.

The package includes x10 Free 30min sessions on the device of your choice (dependant on availability).
If you do decide to claim this offer you would need to agree to comply with the following:

  1. If you have any symptoms or have been in contact with anyone with confirmed Coronavirus please DO NOT enter the building.
  2. Wash hands upstairs after entering the Restoring Health premises
  3. Don’t touch anything you don’t need to
  4. When finished with your session please disinfect anything you have touched (disinfectant and wipes will be provided)

If you are vulnerable or self-isolating we encourage you to look at investing in your health by purchasing a PEMF device
that you and your family (and pets) can use daily in your own home.


  • Maximum Intensity

  • Number of programes

  • Programm Frequencies


  • 40 Gauss (Full Body Mat) 160 Gauss (Polarised light Applicator) 510 Gauss (High intensity applicator)

  • 107

  • 1 - 162 HZ


  • 220 MicroTesla (2.2 Gauss)

  • 3

  • 1-99Hz


  • 1 Gauss

  • 15 (includes Heat and Massage settings)

  • 1-24 HZ

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BOOK your FREE PEMF Immune Support Package

If you are an Existing PEMF Client

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If you are an NOT an Existing PEMF Client

please first book a FREE Initial PEMF Assessment below.
This is important to note that there are various potential Contraindications & Cautions to be aware of prior to commencing treatment.