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Please note that if you are receiving a particular therapy for the first time it is necessary to use the “NEW CLIENTS” Category below (in order to receive the relevant assessment forms)

You will have the option to create an account after booking your first appointment, this allows for easier appointment scheduling in the future as well as the option to edit any forms that you have completed. This will also allow you to return here and fill in your initial assessment forms prior to your appointment.
Please DO NOT PRINT these assessment forms but rather fill them in online, as this immediately updates your files on our system.

If you cannot find a time that is suitable for you please contact your therapist directly.

Our Posture Screening process is used to provide you with a visual and accurate representation of your current posture.

Simply get someone to take two photographs of you with the free RemoteScreen app (download link in booking confirmation).
We are then able to screen your posture for any deviations that may be causing you pain or discomfort and send you a detailed report.

Your Posture Screening will be done on the date chosen and you can expect your report 2 working days thereafter.

*Please note that this is NOT a Physical appointment you need to attend yourself. The booking is purely for our own diaries.

Please follow these steps after your booking:

  1. Please download the FREE RemoteScreen app here:
  2. Please watch the short Tutorial Video on the App Home Screen for an explanation on how to log in, add a practitioner, take and send your images.
  3. The Restoring Health Practitioner code will be supplied to you in your booking confirmation of your chosen appointment.
  4. Take your Photographs:
    1. Take two photographs (using the app), one front-facing and the other turned to your left (we need to see your front and right hand side)
    2. Take them in a well lit room with light from the front (no back lighting)
    3. Please wear tight fitting, lightly coloured clothing (NO BLACK)
  5. Click the “Send to Restoring Health Ltd” button

This assists us in accurately identifying the anatomical landmarks on your body and thus providing you with an accurately detailed report.


if you have any questions/are having trouble using the app please email

  • Love Your Core

  • £10 per 60min class

    booked in sets of 6

  • Wednesdays @ 9:30 am

    Thursdays @ 6:30pm

  • African Dance

  • £10 per 60min class

    booked in sets of 6

  • Thursdays @ 9:00am

Exercise Classes

at Restoring Health Ltd

  • Our Soft Tissue Therapists liaise directly with our exercise experts to ensure continuity of care
  • All instructors are qualified and experienced
  • Classes are limited to 6 people, allowing for more individual attention
  • All classes cater for varied fitness levels, ensuring a safe challenge

We suggest booking into a set of 6 classes at a time as this helps reduce the risk of injury as well as to keep you accountable to achieve your goals.

Coming Soon

If the full amount is not used when booking an appointment the remainder will be credited to the CODE.
The randomly generated code can then be used against purchases with us.

If you think it would be beneficial for your friend of family member to go on a Wellbeing Journey with us, you may wish to consider the purchase of an additional £10 voucher towards their next appointment, which will encourage them to return.

If you have created an account with us for online bookings the voucher code will automatically be linked to your (the purchaser) account. In this way you can see when the voucher has been used.

  1. Purchase these packages or vouchers from the list below.
  2. This can be redeemed against any available appointment type.
  3. Once order is completed you will be given a randomly generated code, shown on the webpage and emailed to you.
  4. Use that code to redeem immediately using quick link provided, or redeem it over time.
    When you redeem the code it will deduct appointments booked from the balance of the package or voucher amount.
  5. This code is transferable with friends and family for online bookings.
  6. Booking needs to be made within 90 days from date of purchase, but appointment can be up to a year in advance.

If you would like a printable voucher to give as a gift please contact us with the following information via email to

  1. Who the Voucher is for
  2. Who the Voucher is from
  3. Preferred Therapist & Treatment (if applicable)
  4. Special message