Advanced Technology Suite

Clients are encouraged to make use of our Advanced Technology Suite following their Soft Tissue Therapy Treatments.

We have our High Intensity Full Body System (Curatron 3D Ultra), as well as our ergonomically designed lower intensity (Vario Couch) and Biomag PEMF Units on offer depending on your needs.
Also on offer in the room is the Cyclo-Ssage Full Body Therapy System, as well as an Equisync Meditation Station.

PEMF emField Pro

We are one of the FIRST Clinics in the UK to have this phenomenal High Intensity Unit in-house, the Zimmer emField Pro is a new standard in pain reducing therapies.

Clinical Indications

The Zimmer emField Pro is one of the highest intensity PEMF (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field) devices on the market and has passed EU safety testing. The emField Pro is capable of delivering up to 30,000 Gauss (3 Tesla) PEMF therapy. These High Intensities, besides effective pain treatment, are used to inference muscle tone, enhance blood circulation and activate the regeneration process.

Combined application – static and dynamic
Very often, pain is not evenly distributed in the treatment area. With many pain syndromes, maximum points such as trigger or pain points lie within the painful region. Trigger points and principal pain points are treated statically whilst other painful areas are treated dynamically.


The minimum course of treatment is two sessions per week.

PEMF Curatron 3D Ultra

The Curatron Ultra 3D is a high intensity full body Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) system and it includes the highest intensity full body mat on the market.

High intensity PEMFs are normally delivered with localised applications such as pillow pads or smaller applicators however the Curatron 3D delivers 500 Gauss (50,000 microTesla) across the mat allows the user to “bathe” in high intensity PEMFs and treat the whole body at once.

Our Unit includes 72 pre-programmed settings and is run though PC Software, which allows us to further customise the treatments.

What’s behind the electromagnetic fields?

A body which is full of energy is healthy and fit. The Curatron 3D is based on more than 30 years of world-wide research carried out by renowned scientists. Many years of practical experience by thousands of physicians and natural health doctors throughout Europe and on other continents, as well as the scientific findings of renowned institutes and associations.

It applies the most recent research findings in the field of pulsating electromagnetic fields. It is accepted as one of the best methods available, without side-effects, to energetically strengthen the body in a natural way. The specific Curatron computer controlled parameters leads to optimal energy regulating and health enhancing effects.

These positive factors cause a normalisation of membrane potential and improved metabolism, thus supplying to the cells an optimum amount of energy which increases the general fitness and capacity and strengthen the body’s powers for self healing.

Via various control mechanisms the protein synthesis is increased (improved regeneration) the ways the body disposes of waste materials is stimulated and the natural immune system is activated. In the course of continuous use of this system over several weeks and months, the energy level improves, health is stabilised and fitness increases. It is an ideal way to maintain your own good health!


Biomag® Lumina 3D-e is an active therapeutic device – a medical device for individual use or in combination with other medical treatment and devices as a supplemental therapy within a comprehensive treatment plan.

The goal of Biomag® low frequency pulsed magnetic field therapy is to utilise its biological effects on tissue in a way that helps mitigate some symptoms. These symptoms are primarily pain, swelling, spasms, and changes in microcirculation. It also promotes healing and mitigates symptoms affected by these effects.

Physiological changes in tissue after application of Biomag® magnetic therapy occur due to pain mitigation and vasodilation of capillaries and precapillaries, which leads to the following treatment effects:

pain relieving – analgesic, reduces pain
healing – promoting regeneration, anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic effects
anti-swelling – reduces swelling (oedema)
myorelaxing – relaxes muscles
vasodilating – improves microcirculation in particular
metabolic-detoxifying – accelerates the elimination of toxins and metabolites

PEMF VarioCouch

Invented by an orthopaedist, the Vario Couch is guaranteed to give you an optimum PEMF therapy session since the resting position raises your knees to relieve pres sure from the legs and vertebrae. The Vario Couch has a Skal leather finish but also has variable intensity, 15-24 preset programs and a frequency range of 1-24Hz. Equipped with both heat and massage options, this PEMF device will become an invaluable piece of your home or workspace.

PEMF Vario Couch
now available to purchase for Home Use

It is our belief at Restoring Health that every household will benefit from a PEMF Device. The NeoRhythm is a Medical grade technology for relaxation, better sleep, pain management and post-workout recovery. This is a perfect unit to introduce you to the wonders of PEMF.

How Does it Work?

Our every activity is reflected in the brain in the form of brainwaves with different frequencies – alpha, beta, gamma, delta and theta. NeoRhythm emits corresponding dominant and accompanying frequencies to which the brain synchronises, creating a perfect mental environment for the desired state of mind.

This is called brainwave entrainment. Each of the 7 stimulation programs uses scientifically-determined frequencies, based on dozens of scientific studies in the field of pulsed electromagnetic therapy (PEMF) across the world, and years of our own research.

Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave Entrainment is a thoroughly-studied, entirely safe wellness practice. There are specific wave patterns that dictate different ‘modes’ in our brains, particularly rest and relaxation and energy and concentration. Additionally, there are even more specific wave patterns that can encourage meditation and even pain relief.

How Rhythm Influences Our Minds

Neural oscillations, also known as brainwaves, are reflections of repetitive electrochemical activity in the brain and central nervous system.

They are similar to acoustic and optical waves as they also have a specific frequency and amplitude. Our every activity is reflected in the form of brainwaves with a dominant frequency and accompanying frequencies.

Harness the Power of Electromagnetic Force

Electromagnetism is one of the four fundamental forces in the universe and is responsible for innumerable observable phenomena in everyday life.

Non-invasive Solution

Each of the NeoRhythm eight mood settings emits extra-low frequency electromagnetic pulses. These pulses gently coax the natural frequencies of your mind and body to speed up or slow down and match your desired mood.

Scientifically and clinically proven to help you

All frequencies and intensities have been scientifically validated and proven effective. This makes NeoRhythm one of the most effective electromagnetic devices on the market.

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during checkout in order to receive a 5% Discount

PEMF Devices for Home Use

Our In-Clinic PEMF Devices ensure a high intensity application. This leads to quicker results. Lower Intensity Devices for home use are researched to achieve similar healing potential over a longer duration. It is our belief that every household would benefit from the application of PEMF in the comfort of their own home.

There are many different devices on the market and it is essential to choose the correct intensity, frequencies and duration of application to achieve the desired results.

to help you navigate the seemingly endless possibilities.


One of the treatments we offer at in our Advanced Technology Suite is the Cyclo-ssage Pro Personal Therapy, which combines oscillating massage with infra-red deep heat zones to achieve a soothing and beneficial experience.

Cyclo-ssage Therapy can help alleviate the secondary symptoms associated with various medical conditions including:

  • General aches and pains
  • Upper and lower back conditions
  • Sports injuries
  • Raised blood pressure
  • Headaches and migraine
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Neck and shoulder discomfort
  • Circulation problems
  • Respiratory problems
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Sciatica and muscle spasm
  • Arthritis and joint stiffness
  • Diabetes
Equisync Meditation

Another one of the treatments we offer at in our Advanced Technology Suite is a Meditation Station to encourage you to leave the stresses you are facing behind and engage in some “You-Time”.

Reaching a deep, super-pleasurable, highly beneficial state of meditation is easy with EquiSync’s advanced brainwave technology. Just a few of meditation’s limitless benefits:

 Transcend the effects of stress
 Feel more happy, confident, inspired, and focused
 Reach the highest levels of consciousness
 Live more and more of your life “in the now”
 Quiet your mind while increasing thought depth & clarity
 Explore and expand your self-awareness: ascend to self-mastery
 Become more emotionally intelligent
 Access your vast supply of subconscious mind power
 Enhance your intuitioncreativity, and ability to succeed
 Achieve the mindset to attract and manifest the life you want
 Increase emotional resilience, become more psychologically balanced
 And much more….

Backed by extensively researched, deeply featured, multilayered brainwave entrainment technology, EquiSync’s powerful audio tracks are designed to help you unlock the limitless power of your brain & mind, creating the perfect mental, emotional, and physical environment to realize your highest potential.

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)
What is PEMF?

PEMF machines work in conjunction with the body’s own recovery process in order to alleviate pain by restoring the ability of the cells to function properly. PEMF machines operate on different frequencies and with different intensities, making it important to research the best type of application for your needs.

Our body requires electricity in order to send signals to the brain and other parts of the body in order to function properly. What PEMF therapy does is to realign the electric potential of the cells effectively. That starts a process through which we heal and improve our health.

How does it work?

The human body is a good conducting medium and also conductive to magnetic fields. Since ions in a cell have a charge, the cell membrane also needs a certain charge.

The membrane charge of normal, healthy cells is higher than that of diseased or aged cells, including bacteria and viruses. When the cell membrane charge is low, the cell has too little energy to perform its normal function. Hence, cells need energy, and electromagnetic field stimulation is known to increase this energy and optimise the function of the cell. Electromagnetic fields can pass through cells, tissues, organs and bones without any deformation or loss, activate the electrochemistry of tissues, and improve cell and cell membrane function.

All energy is electromagnetic in nature, and nothing happens in the body without an electromagnetic exchange between cells. We are all familiar with the electrocardiogram (ECG) and electroencephalograph (EEG) tests, which measure the electromagnetic activity of the heart and brain, respectively. When electromagnetic activity ceases, life ceases. Electromagnetic energy controls our chemistry. Disruption of this energy in cells causes impaired cell metabolism, and if our cells are not healthy, our body is not healthy, in whole or in part.

Magnetic fields affect the charge of the cell membrane, which allows membrane channels to open up. These channels are like the doors and windows of a house. By opening cell channels, nutrients are better able to enter the cell, and waste is more easily eliminated from the cell. This helps to rebalance and restore optimum cell function. If you restore enough cells, they will all work more efficiently.


for more information see:
Dr Pawluk’s website

PEMF addresses the cause of pain by
• Improving blood circulation
• Decreasing inflammation
• Stimulating muscle tissue and affecting muscle tone
• Activating regeneration processes
• Regenerating nerve tissue
• Healing fractures and improving bone density

Undergoing PEMF therapy is a natural, holistic manner of improving your health and feeling better without having to take medications.

NASA has done extensive research, including a four-year study, into this technology in order to minimise the health concerns that astronauts experience as a result of space flight.

  • The importance of this research is that authority such as NASA confirmed the efficacy of electromagnetic waves on improving life cycle and function of cells. It also showed that PEMF therapy could successfully address problems such as lack of energy, sleep disturbances, inflammation, joint and muscle pain, flu-like symptoms, and impaired blood flow.
  • Not only did it show that electromagnetic fields can help improve our cells’ function and our health, but NASA’s research also pointed to a bigger problem which indicates that changes in electromagnetic fields could have a major influence on our health and wellbeing.

Similar to astronauts in orbit, most of us are increasingly insulated from the earth’s natural magnetism. Many people spend more time on concrete than forest floor and even then, rubber-soled shoes, high rise buildings and vehicle tires keep us from experiencing the full benefit. As well, technological devices such as cell phones, tablets and laptops are believed to create electromagnetic “field pollution,” which is believed to have a negative effect on our cellular functions, PEMF serves to counteract this negative effect.

FDA approved timeline for PEMF

PEMF is not meant to replace or substitute for the recommendations or advice of your General Practitioner or Medical Specialist. PEMF products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.